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Bujumbura is also the African capital of youth, according to President Ndayishimiye


Mar 27, 2023

GITEGA March 27th (ABP) – Burundi Head of State Evariste Ndayishimiye honored with his presence, on Friday, March 24, 2023, the closing activities of the national youth conference which lasted two days at the Ingoma stadium of Gitega, in the political capital of Burundi (center of the country).

In his speech for the occasion, President Ndayishimiye expressed his pride in young Burundians for their dedication to work in all sectors of national life.

By way of illustration, he delivered praise to the executives of the country in whom he placed his confidence to occupy the major positions in the country. These executives manifest the patriotic spirit in the exercise of their functions, unlike senior officials who claim to be experienced, he deplored. He winked at young people to be pioneers in development.

The President of the Republic reassured that, from now on, in collaboration with the provincial governors, he will appoint to major positions of responsibility young people who serve as a reference in the development of their villages.

In addition, he told the audience that the places of choice conferred on him by the African Union and the Community of East African States resulted from the good deeds of Burundian youth which are materialized by patriotism and hard work.

To further engage youth on the path of development, the Burundi Head of State recommended that they not give up to rally behind him in the implementation of development work in Burundi. He revealed that Bujumbura, the economic capital of Burundi, has also become the African capital of youth. He called on any young Burundian to be proud of it and to safeguard that honor.

                                                                                                    View of the participants

For President Ndayishimiye, the strategies to be taken to maintain that momentum are only the love of the fatherland, the preservation of culture, hard work and the promotion of good governance.

In nutshell, he invited the youth to be guardians of peace, unity and determination in their actions to develop Burundi.

Shortly before, the minister in charge of youth had praised the youth for their determination in their benefits to get out of unemployment.

The attendees at the closing ceremonies of that event included some members of the government, diplomats accredited to Burundi, provincial governors, communal administrators and young people from different parts of the country.

Various animation groups enhanced the atmosphere of the event, including the emblematic dance of the drummers, the folk dance and the comedy.