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The beekeeping profession develops the Dushigikirane women’s cooperative


Mar 25, 2023

CANKUZO, March 25th (ABP) – The “Dushigikirane” women’s cooperative of Kabuga village in Cankuzo commune and province is developing thanks to the implementation of the beekeeping project.

Mrs. Agrippina Kitaburaza, the manager of that cooperative indicates that it was founded in 2014 by 40 women with the sole activity of making contributions and loans between members. Over time, they began to practice agriculture and animal husbandry before initiating the profession of beekeeping which has just completed two years of its existence.

According to Mrs. Kitaburaza, with more than 80 women members and thanks to the performance of the beekeeping profession with 40 hives, the account of that cooperative never misses 600,000 BIF. She meant that the cooperative charges men who are experts in the trade, that is to say, to cover and position the hives.

Mrs. Kitaburaza affirmed that the members of the Dushigikirane cooperative manage to help their husbands in meeting family needs and in the education of children up to university.

In order to increase the yield, the head of the Dushigikirane cooperative noted that they have already started the process of applying for loans in the Women’s Investment and Development Bank, BIDF.

She advises other women to overcome fear to implement different projects being teamed up in cooperatives. It is worthy to note that this cooperative is in the rank of participation in the opportunities of various trade fares organized both at the provincial level and at the national level.