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The phenomenon of school dropout worries the provincial authority


Mar 9, 2023

KARUSI March 9th (ABP) – The phenomenon of school dropout threatens education in a province which has held first place in the national competition for eight years and in the State exam for five years. This is what motivated the trip, from March 6 to 8, 2023, of the DPE Karusi, Mr. Ferdinand Havyarimana, to the communes making up the Karusi province to discuss with the administrative officials, directors and school management committees, on the strategies to adopt.

Karusi province recorded a total of 1,943 school dropouts in the first term of the current school year. The reasons for abandonment are multiple, according to the participants who cite the ignorance of parents and pupils, early marriage, unwanted pregnancies, poverty in the families, which causes the exodus of young people between the provinces or even towards Tanzania.

Awareness campaigns up to the sub-village must be prepared and carried out as soon as possible to stop the departure of students for the rest of the year, the DPE Karusi insisted. The police must track down the perpetrators of child trafficking to Tanzania and to other provinces, participants urged. The government could raise the legal age of marriage to 25, the participants also proposed, who also called for the strict application of the code on gender-based violence.