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The Saint Joseph Technical School of Giheta needs technical material support


Mar 7, 2023

GITEGA March 7th (ABP) – The alumni of the former medium technical school of Giheta “ETM Giheta” and members of the Multiservice Technical Company “ETEM” paid a visit on Saturday March 4, 2023 to the Saint Joseph Technical School of Giheta, to bring a cornerstone in the development of that school and of the country, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his welcome speech, the director of that school, Brother Jean Bizimana, commended the initiative of the alumni of ETEM Giheta who never forgot the school that trained them. He informed them that the Saint Joseph technical school is facing an apparent lack of didactic material supports in all its three sections.

Brother Bizimana told them that despite the lack of teaching materials, the teachers and the Bene Yozefu congregation give their all to ensure that the learners have good marks in the national tests. He noted the example of last year, where 81% of students who took the state exam passed satisfactorily. He hopes that the results will be better once the school has sufficient teaching aids.

Taking the floor, the chairman of the board of directors of the company ETEM, Evariste Manirabona, pointed out that the ETM school had sufficient teaching materials when they were there in the 1981s. To that end, he invited all members of the company knocking here and there in order to support the Saint Joseph Technical School in Giheta to get out in that lack of technical material supports such as computers and others, but also the renewal of buildings which are also in critical condition.

The goal, according to him, is for each student to have their own computer or, if not possible, two students share a computer. As a solution, one of the visitors promised the management a computer.

Mr. Manirabona also indicated that this visit had another mission to establish a partnership with the congregation of the Bene Yozefu Brothers and the management of that school, as the director Brother Bizimana had proposed in his welcoming address. He pointed out that this partnership will be based on the implementation of income-generating development activities at the level of construction, agriculture, etc., because, he added, being a technician means being able to make something you can see and touch. It is for that reason that the alumni of the former medium technical school of Giheta asked the Bene Yozefu congregation, which manages the Saint Joseph technical school, to give them a small space to embark on a project of growing mushrooms and that this project will be beneficial for all sides. The Bene Yozefu congregational representative promised them that space.

The student representative at that school, Ange Junior Nzojibwami, also praised the initiative of the company ETEM to promote education in that school. He suggested that they help them by providing internships and related tools. In response, the chairman of the board of directors of that company informed them that this company has already built in Kibimba an agri-food processing center, which will soon start activities, a center for the growing of mushrooms and the livestock of fish and rabbits.

He further added that this company will also supervise the graduates of that school by giving them internships to complete their advanced studies, professional internships and even employment if possible. It is worth noting that the multi-service technical company offered the management of that school footballs and basketballs as well as related jerseys in order to promote sport at the said school.

The principal, the student representative and the representative of the Bene Yozefu Brothers congregation all commended the gesture. They hope that the school will take a good place in the inter-school competitions at the provincial level. Note that it was a good opportunity for both sides to exchange wishes for the year 2023.