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The Fort Barachel organization is committed to promoting the sacred tree “Umuvugangoma”


Mar 3, 2023

GITEGA March 3rd (ABP) – The Fort Barachel organization in collaboration with the administration of Giheta commune, grew on Wednesday March 1, 2023, 3,401 plants of cordia africana “Umuvugangoma” in the Karinzi valley of Muremera hill, Giheta zone near IRAZ with the aim of sustaining the production of Burundian drums, “Ingoma” a check by ABP revealed.

In her welcome speech, the administrator of the Giheta commune, Mrs. Micheline Ninahaza, commended the initiative of the Fort Barachel organization. She asked them to continue to support that commune in other sectors.

The legal representative of that organization, Mr. Yves Franck Irakoze commended the efforts that the Fort Barachel organization is making in the development of the country, particularly in the promotion of sport and culture. To that end, he invited people to protect nature, in particular the trees that have just been grown, taking into account that they are of great value.

Mr. Irakoze also indicated that Fort Barachel Burundi granted the drummers of Gishora on February 15, 2023, 23 pigs in order to help them meet the needs of their families.

For his part, the representative of the minister in charge of culture, Mr. Jean Berchimans Hakizimana, thanked the Fort Barachel organization which has set itself the objective of perpetuating the Umuvugangoma tree which, today, tends towards disappearance while it is of great use in Burundian culture. Thus, he invited other organizations and the “Ewe Burundi Urambaye” program to grow historic trees, in particular – Umuvugangoma – in all the provinces of the country, for their sustainability and for the promotion of Burundian culture.

Note that after the growing of those trees, the Fort Barachel organization gave the women’s club ‘Foudre FC’ a donation of jerseys and footballs.