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The sale of traditional medicines in markets is prohibited


Mar 3, 2023

RUTANA March 3rd (ABP) – The sale of traditional medicines in the markets of Rutana province is prohibited, according to the governor of the province, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, during a meeting he held on Wednesday March 1, 2023 for heads of different services.

Mr. Nibitanga indicated that most of the sellers of the said drugs do not have authorization to carry out that kind of trade.

He took the opportunity to recall the goal of protecting the production of cereals in that province, by indicating that the sale of beans beyond the borders of Rutana province is prohibited, recalling that the cereal grains that can leave the province are groundnuts and rice, exclusively on Mondays and Thursdays.

As for traders of food products who use cups to measure their weight during sales, Mr. Nibitanga indicated that any trader with that need must have a scale to serve their customers well.

In order to avoid child trafficking, the maritime transport of people on the common border of Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania must exclude children under the age of eighteen, Mr. Nibitanga underlined. He stressed that carriers who ignore that measure will be permanently suspended in that maritime transport business.

Concerning the respect for the prices set by the government, the price speculators on the BRARUDI drinks who will be apprehended, will be removed from the list of the recipients of those products, governor Nibitanga recalled. He thus invited the administrative officials to impose sanctions on the recalcitrant.

Concerning the appeal of the President of the Republic to raise at least five rabbits per household, he invited the administrative officials to serve as a model and to sensitize the people to follow suit of them.