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Raising rabbits is very profitable according to a farmer


Feb 27, 2023

BUBANZA February 27th (ABP) – One of the rabbit breeders, Emmanuel Gumyumwuga, from the Gashinge village in Musigati commune (north-west of Burundi), considers that activity more profitable, compared to the others he has known. He promises to teach others the techniques of that kind of livestock and to give them to them at a low price, for those who are interested, a check by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Gumyumwuga told the check by ABP that he learned rabbit livestock techniques from one of the national radio programs. He says that he started the activity on September 2, 2018, with three rabbits, and that currently has more than 70. He says raising rabbits has been more profitable for him than other income-generating activities he has experienced. He explains that he receives a monthly gain of at least 70,000 BIF, after selling a few rabbits, while the manure is used in the fertilization of his fields. He also claims that at least two rabbits are consumed each month by his family. He is also delighted that this activity has enabled him, among other things, to build a house covered with iron sheets, to buy land and to pay the school fees of his five children. Thanks to him, 17 neighboring households have already benefited from rabbits to raise, as well as breeding techniques, he continues to say. That farmer promises technical support and the delivery of rabbits at a reasonable price to interested people. Note that data from the BPEAE Bubanza show that the entire province has more than 4,500 rabbits.