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Burundi is still behind when it comes to digital marketing


Feb 24, 2023

BUJUMBURA February 24th (ABP) – The company Rata Group, having its head office in the Bujumbura City Council, proceeded on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, to the official launch of its product Rata Burundi, an application which will help the various economic operators and traders, small or large, to promote their products and services, and potential customers to buy products that meet their needs without wasting time.

The general manager of the Rata Group, Martin Kubwimana, told the press that Rata Burundi is a unique application resulting from the idea of creation based on the knowledge already acquired, within the framework of implementing the wish of the Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, who calls on all young Burundians to showcase their talents in order to achieve sustainable development for all. Mr. Kubwimana said that Rata Group is made up of programmers, community managers, website developers, application developers, marketing consultants and many others. The latter have come together to work in synergy because, he said, unity is strength.

According to him, all companies approved by the authorized bodies are entitled to the registration in that marketing application found on the Rata Group website. He pointed out that pharmacies and hospitals are a priority because, he explained, these are services that people need at all times.

                                                                  Members of the Rata Group Company

Given that Burundi is still behind in terms of digital marketing, the general manager of the Rata Group company reassured that they will do everything so that this application, developed in the mother tongue (Kirundi) for a whole year, is accessible even outside the internet. “We hope that this application will be beneficial for economic operators and traders as well as their customers”, Mr. Kubwimana estimated, while pointing out that the setting up of that application aims to sensitize the population to love their homeland and the local products.

The development of such an application is very difficult and expensive, Mr. Kubwimana deplored, hoping that the government will encourage them to move forward in order to comply with the evolution of information and communication technologies.

He also stressed that this application results in the knowledge he acquired abroad as a programming specialist (Computer programmer). “I worked in Indian and Filipino companies to gain experience, which motivated me to return to my native country to invest there,” he noted.

For all intents and purposes, the general manager of the Rata Group company took the opportunity to invite other young people who have had the chance to study abroad, to return to their native country to apply what they learned.