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No celebrating marriages for people entering a straw house


Feb 22, 2023

NGOZI February 21st (ABP) – Faith leaders are no longer allowed to celebrate marriages for people who enter a straw house. This also applies to civil status services. This was said during a meeting held on Monday February 20, 2023 by the governor of Ngozi province, Mr. Emmanuel Ntaconsanze, for faith leaders.

This is part of the national policy to fight against straw huts and houses that can be seen here and there in the country. Churches or mosques that have straw branches will also be closed in a few days, Governor Ntaconsanze said.

Religious denominations must also contribute, through the awareness of their followers, for the success of that policy. They are also called upon to raise awareness for body and environmental hygiene.

In that meeting, the governor of Ngozi also requested the involvement of faith leaders in birth control. The faithful must understand that the demographic explosion which is observed in the country constitutes a major challenge for the development of the country in general and the country in particular.

Note here that Ngozi province is experiencing unprecedented overpopulation. With more than 1,300,000 inhabitants, Ngozi is one of the highest density provinces in the country. Governor Ntaconsanze did not fail to ask for visible involvement of the Churches in the country’s development work. The faithful must also devote sufficient time to prayer, but without forgetting to work for the development of households and of the country. The meeting was well attended by leaders of churches, temples and mosques working in Ngozi province.