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Inauguration of the Beloved Church Temple


Feb 22, 2023

NGOZI February 22nd (ABP) – The Beloved Church inaugurated on Saturday, February 18, 2023, its Ngozi temple located in the Kinyami quarter of the city of Ngozi. It is a beautiful, solidly built and vast infrastructure. The ceremonies were attended by a large crowd made up of faithful of the Beloved Church from various evangelical regions including the north and west of Burundi. They were also honored with the presence of a delegate of the representative of the Beloved Church at the world level.

In his preaching, Pastor Bosco Nzigamasabo, representative of the Beloved Church in Burundi, insisted on the Gospel of Matthew chapter 16 verse 13, where the Lord Jesus Christ chooses the apostle Simon Pierre to constitute the very foundation of his church. He asked the faithful of that new church to separate themselves from sin.

The delegate of the world representative of the Beloved Church said that he is delighted with the opening of the Beloved Churches in Burundi for the expansion of the word of God. He promised that the Holy See of the Beloved Church will continue to support physical and spiritual development in Burundi.

The delegate of the governor of Ngozi province, at the same time the advisor in charge of legal issues, Mr. Paul Niyonzima, congratulated that church for that new infrastructure. However, he insisted that it be a place of worship and not of deviance as has been seen in some churches.

He asked the delegate of the world representative of the Beloved Church to be an ambassador of Burundi to his institution and to describe the situation of Burundi as he saw it and to avoid tarnishing the image of Burundi as certain foreigners do. He also requested the assistance of the Beloved Church in the development of the country.

For the legal representative of the Beloved Church, the church is ready to make its contribution in the development activities of the country. He took the opportunity to call on the faithful of Ngozi to always respond to appeals from the administrative authority, inviting them to participate in community development activities.