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Communal administrators are called upon to ensure the non-embezzlement of fertilizers


Feb 21, 2023

KAYANZA February 21st (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (north), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, recommends that the communal administrators of the province ensure that suppliers of organo-mineral fertilizers at the level of the zones do not get involved in their embezzlement. This was said during a meeting he had organized for communal administrators and heads of both provincial and communal services to see together the overall situation of the province.

According to the director of the provincial bureau of the environment, agriculture and livestock, Mr. Adelin Niyonsaba, about 1,360 tons out of a quantity of around 2,000 tons of Imbura-type organo-mineral fertilizers ordered at the provincial level, i.e., 68%, have already been transported to the hangars fixed at the level of the zones. As for the FOMI Totahaza, nearly 450 tons out of a quantity slightly exceeding 1350 tons ordered, or about 33%, are already in stocks in zones of Kayanza province. As for dolomite, he said that the quantities already sent to the zones are now around 85%.

Regarding the quantities of fertilizers already sent to the communes, Governor Cishahayo recalled that organo-mineral fertilizers are not for sale and that those who will be apprehended in a fragrant offense will be brought to justice. In addition, their workplaces will be closed, he warned. The same provincial authority recommended that communal administrators increase awareness raising so that people realize that it is strictly forbidden to keep organo-mineral fertilizers in shops.