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Cross-border traders must declare their goods to the OBR


Feb 9, 2023

KAYANZA February 9th (ABP) – Cross-border traders are called upon to always declare their imported and exported goods to avoid being fined, according to the head of the risk analysis and post-clearance control department within the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), Mr. Felix Nzeyimana.

Those remarks came from a meeting organized by the OBR for taxpayers and declarants in Kayanza province (north), focused on raising awareness on post-clearance control of goods, a check in Kayanza by ABP has revealed.

According to Mr. Nzeyimana, the meeting was organized for the purpose of the five-year control of goods imported from outside the country and those exported. This materializes the objective of the OBR which is none other than to always be at the side of taxpayers and those responsible for collecting taxes.

According to him, that control campaign is of paramount importance in the sense that it allows importing traders as well as exporting traders to clear their goods fairly according to the regulations in force.

The head of risk analysis and post-clearance control department within the OBR specified that the people of Burundi also benefit a lot from the fact that they buy goods at similar prices because there is no price speculation.

He took the opportunity to invite traders who circumvent OBR services to change their mindset so as not to be subject to the force of the law.