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Inhabitants with fields near the banks of the rivers of the Gatara commune are called on to take care of them


Feb 9, 2023

KAYANZA February 9th (ABP) – Residents with crop fields near the banks of the Sagahorwe River straddling Gatara and Kayanza communes in Kayanza province (north) grew bamboo on Tuesday to protect those banks that are often washed away by floods.

At the end of the work, the communal administrator of Gatara, Mrs. Sylvane Gakuyano, said that about 600 bamboo cuttings were grown over a length of around three kilometers. She took the opportunity to call on the people from the villages bordering the Sagahorwe River to take care of those bamboos. Mrs. Gakuyano also recommended that they think about the daily preservation of the banks of the said river to limit the damage often due to flooding and collapse.

The same communal person in authority invited the administrator of the Kayanza commune to sensitize the population so that they protect that river. On his part, the communal representative of the association called “Dukorere hamwe”, Mr. Thacien Niyonkuru, indicated their association financed by the European Union, via the NGO Dukurire Hamwe, has given itself the mission of preserving the environment especially by supporting river banks, rehabilitating bridges and trace roads. He called on other associations to prioritize projects of public interest.

For him, the environmental protection is of paramount importance in the sense that it allows the increase in production and reduces the number of accidents.