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The ruling party is committed to contributing to the development of the country


Feb 2, 2023

RUTANA February 2nd (ABP) – One million trees will be grown by members of the ruling party in Rutana province over the next two years, 2023 and 2024, said the secretary of that party in that province, Mr. Sylvain Nzikoruriho, on Saturday January 28, 2023, during a meeting which preceded the celebration and exchange of New Year’s wishes, at the headquarters of Rutana province.

During that meeting, Mr. Nzikoruriho said he was satisfied with the achievements of the party in Rutana province over the past two years, including the provision of mattresses for boarding schools and for a center for the disabled, the construction of residential houses for vulnerable families, as well as the granting of school benches to various schools that needed them most.

He informed the public about the party’s commitment to continue to support the government in providing the necessary school kit in schools, in the construction of the provincial office in progress, as well as in sensitizing young people and women to team up in cooperatives, in order to be able to benefit from the services of the banks which have been set up to support them in development.

                                                  View of the meeting participants

In order to support the plan of the President of the Republic to sensitize the population so that each household has five rabbits, Mr. Nzikoruriho indicated that the ruling party will grant ten rabbits for each development cooperative operating in Rutana province, so families can benefit later.

On the agricultural level, he reported that from the current year, each hill of Rutana province will have a field of food crops belonging to the party at this level. Coffee plantations will also be set up in order to promote coffee growing, which has seen a drop in recent years, he continued to say.

As for the national secretary in charge of communication within the ruling party, Mrs. Nancy Ninette Mutoni, who honored that work with her presence, she praised the good collaboration of the leaders of the party and the administration in that province, indicating that the lack of it slowed down the development of the country.

She called on the Bagumyabanga of the CNDD FDD party to be good examples in their surroundings and in their daily activities, in order to attract non-members of that party to convert through good behavior. She also called on them to join cooperatives because, she revealed, development is possible and fast when people are together.