• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Activities of the week dedicated to national unity have been officially launched


Feb 3, 2023

BUJUMBURA February 2nd (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, Prosper Bazombanza, proceeded on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, to the solemn opening of the activities marking the week dedicated to national unity, organized by the National Council for the National Unity and Reconciliation (CNUNR) under the theme: “Our unity is the foundation of peace, a driving force of development”. The opening ceremonies were attended by the former President of the Republic of Burundi, Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, parliamentarians, representatives of civil society, representatives of diplomatic and consular corps accredited to Bujumbura, officials of various ministries and others.

On that occasion, the Vice President of the Republic of Burundi recalled that before colonization, Burundians lived in peace, in unity, without conflicts linked to ethnic groups, regions and others. According to him, Burundians before colonization helped each other, without jealousy, hatred and hypocrisy, and worked together in clans: the Bajiji, Ababanda, Abashubi, Abenengwe…

With the arrival of the colonizers, the divisions began with the conflicts which caused several deaths in 1965, 1969,1972,1988 and others. In 1991, after those tragic events, Burundians came together to draw up the charter of national unity. He specified that the week dedicated to national unity, organized for the first time, is an opportunity to self-assess and to assess what has hindered the proper implementation of the national unity charter, to correct the challenges, remember its content especially for new generations. He took that opportunity to ask the leaders to serve as a model in strengthening national unity through true love, joint work, sharing of dividends, while avoiding hypocrisy, jealousy, hatred, and divisions of all kinds. He invited Burundians to keep unity in their diversity so that all citizens have the same rights and benefits.

He appealed to leaders to encourage Burundian citizens to contribute through community work and financially, in the construction of public infrastructure including roads, schools, hospitals, stadiums, the presidential palace of Gitega, and others, explaining that those infrastructures will be advantageous for all the people of Burundi. He pointed out that the week dedicated to national unity will be celebrated every year.

As for the Vice President of the CNUNR, Seth Nkeshimana,  he commended the step already taken by the Burundians in terms of the application of the charter of national unity. He explained that Burundians have understood the advantage of living together while abandoning old practices including ethnic, regional and other divisions.

Despite this, he pointed out that the challenges are not lacking, because “we have not yet arrived at the full implementation of the national unity charter”. He indicated that during this week, many activities will be organized to sensitize Burundians on what national unity is, the state of affairs and its advantages.

Apostle Isidore Mbayahaga, based his preaching on the word of God drawn from the Acts chap 4, verse 42, the second letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians chap 13, verse 14, the book of Jacob chap 3, verse 13. He taught that the Unity should be characterized by genuine love, humility, peace, sharing, asking and giving forgiveness. He asked the government of Burundi to change the foundation of the charter of national unity, explaining that some challenges including hypocrisy still exist. Note that on February 5 of this year, Burundi will celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the national unity charter.