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Visit by the Minister of Health to Cibitoke province


Jan 31, 2023

CIBITOKE January 30th (ABP) – The Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Dr Sylvie Nzeyimana, paid a working visit last week to Murwi in Cibitoke province, to collect and respond to the concerns of the people in relation with her ministry. Concerning the insufficiency of nursing personnel, especially in the districts of Mabayi and Bukinanyana, Minister Nzeyimana specified that this issue is known and that efforts are being made by the government, through continuous recruitments, each year. However, she said, the new recruits must be shared among all the provinces of the country.

With regard to retirements going to other provinces with their registration numbers while there are still vacancies in the province, the Minister in charge of health indicated that each province wants to pull on its side, but that the needs are unequal. For this, she asked for making each year, the list of needs to which to refer, to distribute the new recruits among the provinces.

To support the government, Mrs. Nzeyimana asked hospitals and health centers to also recruit contract workers, who must be treated on the same footing as those under bylaw.

Regarding the equipment of communal hospitals to serve the people, various officials of the said ministry affirmed that soon the hospital beds will arrive, and that other medical equipment must reach them, before the end of 2023.

The participants asked other questions, which were answered or noted, by various officials of the ministry in charge of public health. These include those related to staff bonuses, terms and delays in payment for certain projects, the problem of access to specialty drugs for members of the Civil Service Mutual Fund, and others.

Note that those who did not have the chance to touch the microphone were invited to put their questions on pieces of paper to be given to the Minister, mentioning their telephone numbers, for answers from the Minister on their concerns via the telephone.