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Armyworms threaten rice fields in the Ngozi marshes


Jan 30, 2023

NGOZI January 30th (ABP) – Armyworms attacking rice fields are reported in the marshes of Ngozi province. As indicated on Wednesday, January 25, the Provincial Director of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock Émile Kubwimana, those armyworms have already been reported since Tuesday in the marshes of Nyacijima I and II, Gahengeri of Ngozi commune and the Murambi marsh in Busiga commune. The latter proliferate and are spread at great speed by the wind. They are capable of destroying vast areas of crops in a very short time. Émile Kubwimana has indicated that those pests are taken seriously in such a way that he has already requisitioned insecticides from the general directorate in charge of plant protection. He took the opportunity to alert all the owners of the rice fields of Nyacijima II to come early Thursday morning to carry out the massive and compulsory debugging of their fields. Communal, zonal and village agronomists should help rice farmers to monitor their fields in order to carry out spraying if necessary. Insecticides are available in the market and are cheaper.