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Three members of the government have paid a joint visit to Ngozi


Jan 27, 2023

NGOZI January 27th (ABP) – Three Burundian government ministers listened to the concerns of the people of Ngozi in a meeting held at Winner’s Hotel of Ngozi. These are the ministers of finance, budget and economic planning, Audace Niyonzima, that of infrastructure, equipment and social housing, Dieudonné Dukundane and Minister of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Marie Chantal Nijimbere.

Minister Niyonzima answered the question of currency scarcity. For him, the only way to have foreign currency is to increase and diversify exportable products. It is also to produce more in-house to reduce imports which consume currencies.

He also said that the OBR is considering making machines available to traders to help with tax declarations. Thus, false declarations will be avoided and the tax base will be able to increase. The Minister of Infrastructure, Equipment and Social Housing has warned against the anarchic development of towns. All those who bought in non-serviced neighborhoods must stop building. He promised as soon as possible the urbanization plan of the city of Ngozi to avoid the anarchic development of the quarters. Regarding the expansion of National Road 15, Ngozi-Kanyaru low section, Minister Dukundane informed that studies will soon begin for the asphalting of that road section. As for the inter-communal roads which must be rehabilitated, the minister said that the government will soon buy machines to avoid rentals which are expensive for the State. According to Minister Dukundane, the works will be multiplied by three.

The Minister in charge of trade, Marie Chantal Nijimbere, issued warnings to traders who speculate on basic necessities. The administration now has the right to permanently strike off the list traders who do not respect the set prices.

Mrs. Nijimbere finally winked at the economic operators of Ngozi to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Burundi’s membership in the various common markets.