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The Prime Minister has visited Gitega province


Jan 27, 2023

GITEGA January 27th (ABP) – The Prime Minister of Burundi Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca met on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 in the premises of the paramedical school of Gitega (Center of the country), administrative, judicial, military and police officials, representatives of political parties, religious denominations, civil society and cooperatives working in that province as well as the people in order to collect their concerns and propose lasting solutions, a check by ABP revealed.

In his welcoming speech, the Governor of Gitega, Mr. Venant Manirambona, said that he was delighted with the peace and security reigning throughout his province as well as the good collaboration that characterizes the leaders of different sectors to improve the yield.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the visits he is making to different provinces of the country are part of discussing with the population the life of those provinces in particular and the country in general. According to him, it is also an opportunity to analyze together where the country has come from in terms of development, where it is now and where it is going.

After explaining to the meeting participants, the vision of responsible and hard-working government, Prime Minister Ndirakobuca invited all the leaders at each level to work for the interest of the population by tackling development work, fighting laziness and ensuring the environmental protection to fight against natural disasters caused by climate change, by planting trees and drawing contour lines.

Prime Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca also invited those leaders to invest in agriculture to increase production. He pointed out that the government of Burundi is seeing how to buy small machines that will support in that sector, in order to cultivate in a modern way taking into account that the population continues to increase while the arable land is dwindling day by day and becoming infertile.

In the field of urbanization, the Prime Minister asked the people of Gitega to no longer take issue with the policy of expanding the town of Gitega, according to the master plan for the development of that town because, according to him, all people don’t have the same ability to build in such and such neighborhoods.

Note that during that trip, the Prime Minister indicated that the government of Burundi will soon set up social housing in order to increase the arable land in the country.