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The minister in charge of national solidarity has visited Kirundo province


Jan 30, 2023

KIRUNDO January 30th (ABP) – The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike, met on Friday January 27, 202, at the headquarters of Kirundo province (north of Burundi), people and the heads of service to inquire about their concerns related to his ministry and to answer the various questions, a check in Kirundo by ABP has revealed.

In his welcoming address, the governor of Kirundo province, Mr. Albert Hatungimana, indicated that Kirundo province records cases of gender-based violence in some communes, and that the recent case is that of Ntega commune where a woman was murdered by her own husband on January 23, 2023. Governor Hatungimana said that his province is concerned about the situation of about 200 people living in the Kuruyoka islet of Lake Rweru and these are in the insecurity situation. He then indicated that Kirundo province continues to receive repatriates from Rwanda and reintegration is taking place in peace, except for a few cases of irregularities.

The meeting was characterized by complaints from the Batwa community related to land disputes, saying above all that they are losing the sites where they extract clay to make pottery. It was also mentioned that retired soldiers do not have access to medicines in the pharmacies of the public service mutual fund.

Regarding the case of people living in the islet of Kuruyoka, Minister Sabushimike indicated that she will exchange with other authorities concerned, in order to find the solution.

With regard to land disputes for the Batwa, the provincial governor indicated that this case is already known and that investigations are underway to calm the situation.

Regarding the lack of drugs for retired soldiers, the acting director general of the public service mutual fund indicated that the institution is discussing with the military authorities what is wrong to put order in that case, while reassuring that the problem will soon be resolved. Regarding land disputes, the minister in charge of national solidarity pointed out that no one is authorized to sell the land granted by the government.

Regarding Batwa education, Minister Sabushimike said that the government plans to give scholarships to children from the Batwa community abroad, but she urged parents and the administration to raise awareness so that children from the Batwa community are enrolled in school, and this will contribute to sustainable and inclusive development, she stressed. She also asked the administrative authorities of Kirundo to hire the Batwa in different services, if necessary.