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Trip to Ruyigi by the Prime Minister of the Republic


Jan 25, 2023

RUYIGI January 25th (ABP) – The Prime Minister of Burundi, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, paid a visit to Ruyigi province on Monday, January 23, 2023. The visit was part of getting closer to the people to inquire about daily life, collect their grievances and give contributions in finding solutions, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The activities of the day began with the welcome speech delivered by the governor of Ruyigi, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, who revealed a succinct briefing of the life of that province. She said that the Ruyigi province knows peace, tranquility and that the people go about daily development work.

In the field of agriculture, she indicated that the people are in full preparation for cropping season B, noting that the delivery of chemical fertilizers necessary for the smooth running of this season is not yet in good shape. The governor of Ruyigi also clarified that the provincial administration in collaboration with the provincial office of environment, agriculture and livestock affirms that people from Gisuru and Kinyinya communes face a new kind of insects which attack households at night and cause trouble to the limbs of the victims.

                                                             View of the participants

In the field of electrical energy, the governor deplored the repetitive power cut following the problem of the Regideso poles which are too old, almost 15 years old. Mrs. Tabu asked the State to remedy that problem in the future by replacing the current wood poles with metal ones.

In the field of justice, the governor said that the bulk of the current problems are mainly related to family disputes and arable land, and that more than 80% of disputes in the courts are related to land, she said.

In his introduction, the Prime Minister called on the people of Ruyigi in particular and those of Burundi in general to change the old mentality and adopt the new one. This consists, he underlines, in the participatory method in solving problems whether family, community or why not national. This approach is therefore the best instead of always waiting for quick fixes from the authorities, he added. He then invited the people to tell him about their grievances so that he could help them in proposing solutions.

Problems that have received attention include land disputes whose sentence and execution differ, irregular trials due to the problem of the ignorance of people who do not know to whom to direct their wishes. Trials marred by procedural defects following influence peddling and negative solidarity between magistrates, to name but a few.

To all those irregularities, the Prime Minister deplored that the justice sector is still experiencing problems of judicial procedures and other defects depending on the ill will of magistrates and other judges who flout the law and behave as if they were outlaws.

Same fate for irregularities related to the granting of plots by urban planning. A case of a widow has caught the attention of all the public: this one benefited from a plot in 1989, at the headquarters of the Ruyigi province, with supporting papers, during the policy of town expansion. As this widow was preparing to start building a family home, she was astonished to see that the same plot had had another buyer with the same plot number. This entails that this plot is occupied by the last buyer in full view of all after having despoiled the old one.

To all these flaws in procedures and bad ways of doing things, the Prime Minister asks them to change their attitude and urges them to keep in mind that such behaviors end badly whether it is through justice here on earth and even beyond.