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Torrential rain has caused severe damage in Buganda commune


Jan 25, 2023

CIBITOKE January 25th (ABP) – At least 254 houses have been destroyed in Kansega village, 37 hectares of various crops have been damaged, and nine houses have been destroyed in Kaburantwa village. This is the provisional assessment of the damage caused by torrential rain that fell in Buganda commune at the night of January 21 to 22, according to administrative and police information sources.

The bridge connecting the Kansega village to Muremera was washed away by rainwater while the water pipes supplying the Ndava zone were destroyed, according to the same information sources.

The victims are hosted by their neighbors, or sleep out in the open. The administration encourages its constituents to community solidarity while the civil protection police have started their supplies of drinking water to the Ndava zone devoid of drinking water, to prevent dirty-hand diseases, revealed the provincial coordinator, Lt. Col. Evariste Ntakobatagize.