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Bishop Emeritus Stanislas Kaburungu has been commended for his involvement in the creation of the Private University of Ngozi


Jan 24, 2023

NGOZI January 24th (ABP) – Former students of the University of Ngozi organized a visit to Ngozi province last Saturday to thank the Bishop Emeritus, Monsignor Stanislas Kaburungu, for his involvement in the creation and construction of the University of Ngozi, founded in 1999 in a particular socio-political context for the country. The ceremonies took place at the parish of Busiga where Bishop Kaburungu is in retirement. It was also a golden opportunity to exchange New Year’s wishes for 2023 for all the former graduates of the University of Ngozi working in the different provinces of the country.

In his homily, Bishop Stanislas Kaburungu referred to the Gospel of Mark which calls on humans to do good: “Good pleases the Almighty but also men” he underlined. He took the opportunity to thank those former graduates who understood the good he has rendered to the University of Ngozi. He said that the creation of that University was like a powder keg which quickly inspired the creation of other private universities in the country. This is the case of the University of Bururi which was created two years later and the University of Mwaro founded in 2002.

Jean Marie Twagirayezu, who represented the alumni of the University of Ngozi, said that this institution came as a response to the challenges that haunted the education sector at that time. First private university in the country, it relieved the only university that existed at that time, namely the University of Burundi, which had a very high number of students. The University of Ngozi was also a response for a category of students who could not attend the public university because of the security problems of the time. Mr. Twagirayezu wanted the student loan-grant system to be reinstated again for low-income students. Several gifts were awarded to Bishop Kaburungu. Here we can cite a certificate of honor, a Friesian cow, and so forth.