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Two ministers have jointly hosted a meeting in Ngozi


Jan 13, 2023

NGOZI January 13th (ABP) – The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research and the Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment visited on Wednesday January 11, 2023, in Ngozi province, where they hosted together a meeting for the various heads of public and private services working in Ngozi.

The two ministers made it known that those trips take place within the framework of the Head of State’s injunctions to members of the government to listen to the people.

For the President of the Republic, people must meet to discuss the challenges in an attempt to find possible solutions, but also, they must be informed about the functioning of the ministries.

The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research François Havyarimana first let it be known that this is the first time that the meetings have been organized in such a way that citizens who have questions can come and ask them publicly.

For him, it is another more participatory way of leading a ministry. Regarding the insufficiency of school benches, he said that since last year, the government has voted a budget for the purchase of benches, which is granted to the Communal Directors of Education. The problem, according to him, is that there are Directors who have not used that budget due to their incompetence.

With regard to teaching materials, Minister Havyarimana clarified that the ministry has a staggered program to grant books to students in public and private institutions. Currently, it is the turn of the third post-basic education. He warned the Directors who will be guilty of the mismanagement of those books, announcing that a control commission will soon be set up.

Minister François Havyarimana was very severe towards heads of schools who have not yet issued diplomas for previous years. Those who have not yet issued diplomas of 2021 and before, should be fired directly, he said, while those who have not issued diplomas of last year, have a 15-day grace period. Minister François Havyarimana also noted injustice in the recruitment of volunteers and contractors.

The same cases of injustice were observed in the dismissal of teachers because of the dispute between the Director and his employee. He recommended to the directors to deal well with the administrative files in a correct manner in accordance with the law.

Otherwise, it will be question of application of the law of recourse action. The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Deo Rusengwamihigo, returned to the policy of fair wage harmonization. He indicated that this policy is progressing well and that all civil servants will now be governed by the General Bylaw of Civil Servants to avoid the salary disparities that have been observed in the past.

He was delighted with the good collaboration between the State and the unions. Many questions were asked. They were mainly focused on the value of diplomas obtained during employment, the decentralization of the one-stop shop, which is not one, the management of scholarship loans, to name but a few.