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Only baccalaureate holders and graduates will be entrusted with the management of the basic schools


Jan 25, 2023

CANKUZO January 25th (ABP) – Only baccalaureate holders and graduates will be entrusted with the management of the basic schools, announced the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research, Dr. François Havyarimana, during his trips on Monday the January 23, 2023 to Cankuzo province, to collect the concerns of the teaching staff and the rest of the population, in terms of education, a check by ABP revealed.

Minister Havyarimana congratulated the Cankuzo school province for fewer particular problems there. To achieve the objective set, the minister called on education officials and administrative officials to present priorities to stakeholders taking into account the report of the general assembly and sectoral strategies 2022-2027. He added that each commune in the country will have a computer room by 2027 so that each learner has a fairly mature capacity in relation to the use of computer tools. He also called on school directors to develop school fields to better produce and finally to fill the gaps that are recorded following the insufficiency of subsidies and operating costs.

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Mr. Havyarimana took that opportunity to warn directors who give reports of high numbers of learners in order to benefit from more subsidies, while specifying that the same directors have subsequently resorted to hiding those cheatings by reporting fictitious rates of school dropouts.

On the administrative level, the Minister of Education explained the decision taken to qualify the directors of basic schools. Indeed, he pointed out, there is a tendency to transfer grade D7 teachers to the first six years to stay with those at university level in order to improve student levels, the reason why they recruit at these times more baccalaureate holders than those with a lower qualification. And besides, it is impossible to ensure the inspection of the baccalaureate teacher in class when one has the lower level, Minister Havyarimana explained.

In connection with redeployment, the Minister indicated that transfers are possible when the teacher swaps with another and not replaced by a volunteer or a temporary worker. However, teaching staff must keep the public interest first regardless of duty station, he said.