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How to restore the image of the town of Rumonge?


Jan 16, 2023

RUMONGE January 16th (ABP) – In order to collect the grievances of the people of Rumonge province, two ministers visited the said province on Wednesday January 11, 2023. These are the minister responsible for infrastructure, equipment and housing, Mr. Dieudonné Dukundane and that of national solidarity, social affairs, human rights and gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike.

In the field of infrastructure, Mr. Dukundane said he visited Rumonge province to discuss how to change the image of the city of Rumonge.

According to him, some infrastructures are built without carrying out studies, which causes, he added, damage such as the loss of human lives or the loss at the economic level. He also clarified that he wants the city of Rumonge to be an interregional or international center for trade due to its strategic position.

Thus, he appealed to the holders of plots located along the road to build modern and sustainable infrastructure and specially to seek advice from the ministry, so that it sends technicians to carry out studies. The question related to the delay in servicing the Mugomere, Birimba and Mwange sites was addressed by the people to the Minister in charge of Infrastructure. They pointed out that some residents have already paid the servicing fees for a long period and asked that they be prioritized. Another question related to the works of the RN3 construction project.

Regarding the issue of servicing of the said sites, Mr. Dukundane called on the Burundi Urban Planning, Housing and Construction Authority (OBUHA) to identify those who paid their servicing costs so that they are prioritized. For those who asked that the Kagongo-Murago-Tora-Gitega and Rumonge-Buyengero-Tora-Gitega axes be national roads because they join several provinces, the Minister of Infrastructure invited the local administration to identify the projects emergency so that they are included in the plans for the following budget year.

As for the questions addressed to the minister responsible for solidarity, several of them were of a social nature, citing among other things, the problems caused by the practice of polygamy, the challenges encountered by returnees, children abandoned by their mothers whose mental health is not good, destitute people whose houses have been destroyed by torrential rain, people living with disabilities and Batwa who are homeless. Reacting to those grievances, Mrs. Sabushimike called on the inhabitants of the various localities to show solidarity and finally to assist those abandoned children. She also called on returnees who have been reintegrated not to sit back and wait for State aid. According to her, a returnee is assisted in the first days of his/her arrival, and must also, she insisted, manage to earn a living.

For the homeless, Mrs. Sabushimike promised that they will be assisted on the roofing.