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Kinyovu Communal High School, a school with multiple problems


Jan 12, 2023

NGOZI January 11th (ABP) – It’s 10 am, we are in Kinyovu village, Birambi zone of Nyamurenza commune. We are immediately struck by the dilapidated infrastructure next to the road leading to the Kinyovu center. These are the premises of the Kinyovu Communal High School, disputed by the Catholic Church and the commune, being erected on a plot of the Church.

A check by ABP was quick to approach the director of that institution, Mr. Joël Uwizeyimana, to shed light on the challenges of that school. He specified that he had just been appointed barely three months ago. But that school is experiencing enormous difficulties. He cited in particular the lack of classrooms. The school has two sections:  Arts and Social Sciences. The school has 4 classes instead of six for the post-basic level. The school is obliged to lend “Yaga Mukama” rooms to the local Catholic branch.

Worse still, the director speaks of a space problem even if it were to build other classrooms. Pedagogically, there are no qualified teachers. Those who work in that school are holders of the teacher’s diploma (D7) only and in insufficient numbers. The school also suffers from an apparent lack of didactic support, including student books and teachers’ guides. This affects student knowledge. By way of illustration, only three students out of 30 passed the State Examination for Arts section last year and three students out of 19 for Social Sciences section, he said. The school has neither an accountant nor a secretary, not to mention a typewriter, he deplores.

As a possible solution, the governor of the province of Ngozi, Mr. Emmanuel Ntaconsanze, chairman of the provincial council of education, proposes to the director of the school to submit the question to the communal council of Nyamurenza, in order to collect a little penny from the parents of students to deal with emergencies.

For thorny issues, the governor promises to submit the question of the school to the PRODECI project, which can intervene in terms of infrastructure. The education sector in Nyamurenza commune remains problematic. Many of the premises housing the schools are very old. Major support for the commune by the public authorities and development partners is still necessary.