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The minister in charge of finance calls on the people to increase production for export


Jan 11, 2023

CANKUZO January 10th (ABP) – The Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Mr. Audace Niyonzima calls on the people of Cankuzo to increase the production of export crops to boost the country’s economy. It was said on Monday January 9, 2023, during his trip to that province, a check in Cankuzo by ABP has revealed.

After presenting the various directorates constituting the ministry, Minister Niyonzima indicated that overproduction remains of great importance to raise the country’s economy.

So, he explained, only the export of local products generates the entry of foreign currencies. According to the Minister in charge of finance, the export rate is still insignificant; hence, he called on the people to think about producing for export.

                                                                View of the participants

As for the barriers prohibiting the exchange of certain food products with Muyinga province, Minister Niyonzima indicated that there is no law prohibiting interprovincial trade, but, he added, because of the fight against fraud, those decisions have to be made and most traders dream of fraudulent practices, he pointed out.

He also clarified that in order to develop the country, one must do sustainable trade, be high-level producers to raise the country’s economy and break with speculative trade.

As for the question of payment of different communal taxes for the same products, the minister in charge of finance promised the amendment of the laws governing communal taxes to make them fair.

To small traders who ask for a reduction in taxes and duties or a lump sum payment so as not to fall into ruin, the minister replied that, if necessary, the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) can remove taxes in the event of incapacity of the taxpayer and fines for late declarations, pointing out that ruses are punishable. He took the opportunity to remind OBR agents to organize explanatory sessions so that the beginner fully understands the role of tax before paying it voluntarily. But, instead of the flat rate, they will move to the fixed-term payment programming. He declared that all traders must be taxpayers.

Mr. Niyonzima also called on the people to fight against fraud and smuggling. He pointed the finger at fraudsters who are ruining the country’s economy.