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The cholera epidemic is present in Bujumbura province


Jan 9, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 9th (ABP) – The cholera epidemic reported in Bujumbura City (west of Burundi) and in Cibitoke province (west of the country) in recent days, has reached Bujumbura province (west of Burundi) especially at Kajaga beach in Mutimbuzi commune, said Dr. Joël Nibigira, medical director of the health province of Bujumbura, during an interview he gave to a check by ABP on Sunday January 8, 2023.

Dr. Nibigira reported that two cases of death and five patients whose results were confirmed by medical examinations were recorded.

He added that measures have been taken to prevent the epidemic from continuing to spread. He cited in particular the sensitization of the people to washing hands with soap, especially when returning from the toilet, drinking clean water after having boiled it and the temporary cessation of activities at Kajaga beach.

The check by ABP contacted the administrator of Mutimbuzi commune, Mr. Siméon Butoyi. He indicated that he went to Kajaga and found that the living conditions of fishermen and other beach users were not good. He pointed out that the fishermen of that locality do not have toilets built, defecate along the lake and when the waves come, they carry that human waste towards the lake and it is this dirty water that they drink and which they use in cooking and in washing kitchen utensils.

For Mr. Butoyi and Dr. Nibigira, the most urgent thing is to provide those beach users with latrines and clean water.