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A wink to the youth to work for their welfare


Dec 30, 2022

KIRUNDO December 30th (ABP) – Head of State Evariste Ndayishimiye met in the morning of Wednesday December 28, 2022, in the premises of the Gasura parish, the young people in order to moralize them, a check at Gasura parish by ABP has revealed.

In his speech, he pointed out that the government has set itself the objective of sensitizing the youth in order to prepare the real future executives of the country and the good entrepreneurs and, as a result, to make Burundi a country of Milk and Honey.

According to President Ndayishimiye, it is very shameful to see people who eat without working, which he described as banditry. It is in that context that he urged young people to fight against laziness, and think about their future.

                                                                                View of the young people

The President of the Republic winked at the young people by inviting them to take advantage of their youthhood to work courageously by investing in their country. As the government has set up the rabbit livestock program in all the households of the country, the Head of State made it known that they plan to set up the rabbit meat processing plant to have the flow market.

He affirmed that Burundi will have to be a prosperous country, but that this is conditioned by the strength and courage of the youth.

President Ndayishimiye did not fail to ask those young people to get familiar with prayer, specifying that we cannot advance in the implementation of projects without the intervention of God, hence, they are called on to always pray for their works to be blessed.

In the afternoon of the same day, the presidential family proceeded to the prayer at the stadium of the Vumbi commune, in the presence of all the executives of the country. Mr. Ndayishimiye indicated that during this year 2022, Burundi has known many blessings thanks to the prayer of the servants of God and the population. By way of example, he recalled the water deficit that was observed during cropping season A, but we witnessed the fall of the rain, after a few days of national prayer.

The President of the Republic also pointed out that the sub-region countries are beginning to have confidence in Burundi, especially in terms of mediation in conflicts. This is the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where President Ndayishimiye said that even the rebels met him to seek advice, and now South Kivu is beginning to be peaceful, he said.

                                      Apostle Isidore Mbayahaga preaching

The Head of State also stressed that there is hope that Kirundo province will once again become the breadbasket of the country after that national prayer. He asked the people of that province to work courageously without forgetting to pray, therefore, their activities and their province will be blessed.

Afterwards, the audience listened to the preaching by Apostle Isidore Mbayahaga, who asked the authorities of the country and the population in general, to help each other instead of being selfish.

He did not mince his words saying that there are millionaires who do not think of the poor and the vulnerable, stressing that the country cannot advance in its development as long as we are witnessing such people.

Apostle Mbayahaga also urged the population to no longer value fetishes, rather to return to the Almighty God who is the only Savior. He indicated that people who value fetishism are besmirching Burundi while we want a country blessed with children faithful to God.

The day ended with praise organized by the Head of State along with the “Komeza Gusenga” Choir of Bujumbura.