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The Ninziza Company contributes to improving the living conditions of young Burundians


Dec 29, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 29th (ABP) – The Ninziza Company contributes to improving the living conditions of young Burundians. These are the words from Mrs. Francine Inanziza, general manager of the Ninziza Company, located in quarter 9 of the Ngagara zone, urban commune of Ntahangwa, during an interview she gave to a check by ABP on Tuesday, December 27, 2022.

Indeed, Ninziza Company specializes in the field of livestock, more particularly poultry farming.

According to Mrs. Inanziza, the Ninziza Company started operations in 2020 with an incubator machine with a capacity of 1056 eggs which they purchased at 3,500,000 BIF. She added that it is also necessary to buy eggs to incubate and related accessories.

Mrs. Inanziza indicated that this company currently has three components. She cited the field of chick production, the livestock of laying hens as well as the centralized marketing of livestock.

                                                    Profile view of chicks produced at Ninziza Company

She also pointed out that the company has 17 employees including eight animal handlers, two veterinarians, two supervisors, two machinists and three laborers, noting that the company grants its employees 3000 BIF each per day for food and a salary of 70,000 BIF per month for each animal handler, 250,000 BIF for each veterinarian, 350,000 BIF for each supervisor, 120,000 BIF for each machinist and 100,000 BIF for each laborer.

Mrs. Inanziza further indicated that this company has been able to set up a chicken coop which houses at least 4,000 hens.

She pointed out that this activity, having become professional, can bring in a significant amount of money. Mrs. Inanziza does not regret having resigned from her job as a physiotherapist because, she said, she can cover all the expenses of her family without however having recourse elsewhere.

As far as future prospects are concerned, she very much hopes to project further until she can hire at least 50 or 100 employees in her company.

Mrs. Inanziza thus thanked the government of Burundi for its support and encouragement towards young people, and she also asked it to continue in the same way so that young people can have the thirst to integrate into associations, in order to promote the development of the country. She also called on young people not to fold their arms but to be job-creative.