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The presidential family has organized a thanksgiving prayer on the occasion of the end-of-year celebration


Dec 28, 2022

KIRUNDO December 28th (ABP) – Since Monday, December 26, 2022, the presidential family has joined the people of Kirundo province (northern Burundi) and the country’s executives for the six-day national thanksgiving prayer, which is taking place in the headquarters of the Vumbi commune under the theme “the good servant is always protected by the hand of God”, a check in Vumbi by ABP has revealed.

The ceremonies were opened by Mass which was celebrated at Gasura Parish by the bishop of Muyinga, Mgr. Joachim Ntahondereye.

After Mass, they went to the stadium of the Vumbi commune where the First Lady of the country, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye, opened the activities with a prayer. Through the prayer, she thanked God for having preserved Burundi during this year 2022. She particularly thanked the Almighty who gave rain to Burundi when people began to implore his goodness following a water shortage that was on the way. Currently, the whole country is watered by rain, she said with joy.

                                                      In the forefront, the presidential couple (right) and the vice president (left)

In his preaching for the day, the Head of State focused on the scriptures from Acts 9:36-39, where he spoke of the biblical person by the name of Tabitha who was simple but very dynamic in her praiseworthy acts and loved to serve the vulnerable; she ended up being saved from death by God.

President Ndayishimiye indicated that Burundi was shaken by conflicts but, afterwards, God saved the Burundians so that they could rehabilitate what was damaged, and live in a country of milk and honey. He indicated that Burundians are on the way to happiness but that they must have faith in God, a necessary path, by which one cannot go back.

The President of the Republic did not mince his words saying that some do not want to continue that path, even wanting to go back. He pointed out that these are the people who are there to undermine the development of the country. Hence, he urged the population in general and executives in particular to honor their commitments and serve the country in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

The day ended with praise guided by the President of the Republic with the Komeza Gusenga Choir.