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A hemp field has been destroyed


Dec 29, 2022

KARUSI December 29th (ABP) – The Court of Karusi destroyed on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, a cannabis field discovered in Ruvubu Park.

As indicated by the public prosecutor in Karusi, Mrs. Aline Ndayiragije, thanks to information provided by the people of Nyarunazi village in Nyabikere commune, the police discovered a cannabis field in the Ruvubu park, bordering the Butezi commune of Ruyigi province.

Mrs. Ndayiragije said that about ten bags weighing a total of 162 kg have been collected, noting that no one has been arrested so far, but investigations are in progress, she added. She claimed that the destruction of that product was done because it is qualified as a narcotic. Note that this is the second time that the police have discovered a hemp field in the same place.