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Users of the Ruvubu swamps are urged not to waste the maize harvest


Dec 27, 2022

KAYANZA December 27th (ABP) – Users of the Ruvubu swamp located in Muruta commune of Kayanza province (north) are called upon to manage production well, especially by stopping the phenomenon of selling roasted maize all around the roads.

That appeal was made on Monday, December 26, 2022 by the administrative officials of that commune, during the launch of the harvest campaign for hybrid maize sown in bloc for the first time in that commune.

Since the launch of the pooling of plots of land for bloc agriculture, Muruta commune is one of the communes of Kayanza province that did not respond to that appeal. During the past cropping season C, the services in charge of agriculture in collaboration with the administrative officials sensitized the farmers of the Ruvubu swamp to pool their plots of land for bloc agriculture, an appeal that was heard for this year. In total, more than 65 hectares have been pooled. The communal agronomist of Muruta, Mr. Isidore Niyonzima, is pleased with the good production which could be around 325 tons.

In turn, the permanent executive secretary of Muruta commune, Mr. Paterne Niyonzima, who launched the campaign to harvest that hybrid maize, congratulated the agricultural services for being actively involved in that commendable activity.