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Universities with Faculty of Medicine are called upon to comply with EAC standards


Dec 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 27th (ABP) – A Note on the inspection of Faculties of Medicine of Burundi by the East African Community was analyzed during the Cabinet Meeting held on October 21, 2022, according to the press release from the General Secretariat of the State.

During the analysis of the Note, the Cabinet made some observations and recommendations.

This involves, among other things, drawing up an inventory of the implementation of the recommendations from the inspection team as well as a plan for their implementation, starting with the easiest, inventorying the evaluation tools used by the inspection team, in particular the texts, and update those which must be up-to-date and identify all the facilities having laboratories and other equipment useful for the country to put them to contribution if necessary.

In addition to the Faculty of Medicine to be equipped with laboratories, it will be necessary to proceed in the same way for the other faculties which need them to comply with the required standards and to draw up plans for modern laboratories so that at the next inspection, there will be at least a start of execution.

It was also recommended to use retired specialist teachers to make up for the shortage of teachers, to activate diplomacy to have teacher-cooperators and to seek teachers in the regional framework, in this case the East African Community, as a solution to the lack of teachers, make the University Hospital Center of Kamenge a truly university hospital, by revising the texts that govern it and plead with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement the promise of the rehabilitation of the said hospital university.

It will also be necessary to identify people who meet the required profile to lead departments at the Faculty of Medicine and to seek more scholarships abroad in key areas for the country and to study strategies to bring in Burundians going to study abroad and tending to stay there.