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The administrator of Muruta commune granted living aid to students from his commune


Dec 9, 2022

KAYANZA December 6th  (ABP) – The communal administrator of Muruta in Kayanza province (north), in collaboration with the permanent secretary and the communal office of the CNDD-FDD party, visited on Sunday December 4, 2022 students from different universities of  Bujumbura city, a national of the said commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In addition to giving advice to the students, he also brought them a few bags of charcoal and some beans.

In his occasional speech, the communal administrator of Muruta, Mr. Audace Hacimana, invited students from different universities scattered in Bujumbura city never to complete their studies at the university level only, but rather to continue to higher levels in order to have the capacity and skills to be competitive in the labor market, both regionally and internationally. Given that the number of students from the Muruta commune is still minimal, Mr. Hacimana asked them to intensify the visits to their native commune in order to sensitize their little brothers and sisters so that they show the enthusiasm for undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The same authority did not forget to encourage those students to get together to set up a cooperative in order to easily contract loans in different banks and/or microfinance.

That visit was organized after the president of the circle of students from the Muruta commune (CEREMU), Serges Nahumuremyi, asked for help from the natives of Muruta, the communal administration and the communal representation of the CNDD- FDD, following a very difficult life they lead.

Administrator Hacimana had brought them 4 bags of charcoal and more than 150 kg of beans.