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The President of the Republic holds a security meeting in Kabezi


Dec 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 5th  (ABP) – The President of the Republic, Evariste Ndayishimiye gathered on Friday December 2, 2022, in the capital of Kabezi commune, the governors of the provinces, the representatives of the defense, security and police forces, judiciary, with a view to assessing security.

                                                                                           View of the participants

In his welcoming speech, the governor of Bujumbura province (western Burundi), Mr. Désiré Nsengiyumva indicated that although security is good throughout the province, there are cases of theft on foot and in households in Kanyosha and Mutambu communes, ensuring that perpetrators are often apprehended and brought to justice. He also pointed out that there are foreigners who acquired Burundian nationality fraudulently. These are now in the administration and some are officials of the ruling party, said Governor Nsengiyumva, before adding that we are carrying out investigations so that everything is put in order.

After this meeting, the president’s spokesman, Mr. Alain Diomède Nzeyimana revealed to the press the content of the meeting. He indicated that it was an ordinary security assessment meeting, the last of this year 2022. It is usual that sometimes at the end of the year; the bodies responsible for security in Burundi take security measures so that Burundians celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays in complete safety.

Mr. Nzeyimana pointed out that they also talked about the development of the country and the efforts that the quadrilogy must make to secure Burundians. It is observed that the security environment is peaceful in Burundi even if there are isolated cases inciting its disruption, nuanced the spokesperson for the President of the Republic.

During that meeting, he said, the President of the Republic invited the administrative authorities, the justice system, the defense and security forces to work together. They parted with a promise and this is also a first, noted spokesman Nzeyimana, revealing that the President of the Republic has promised to offer these security organs the wishes of the new.

The spokesperson for the President of the Republic also indicated that foreigners are observed in all the provinces who are in Burundi illegally and who will soon be sent back home. They talked about Rwandans, Tanzanians and Congolese. There is also a case of Congolese refugees who leave the refugee camps to come to Bujumbura without authorization and this causes insecurity. The quadrilogy discussed this issue and it was agreed that those who will be arrested will be sent home and we will continue to secure the country. So, we would like to celebrate the end of year celebrations in peace and the Burundians have worked well all year, they must have the chance to celebrate well, he ended.