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The CNDD-FFD party activists are called on to demonstrate personality


Dec 3, 2022

BUJUMBURA November 29th ABP) – The CNDD-FDD party organized Thursday, November 25 in Bujumbura city, an interfaith prayer of thanksgiving marking the end of November. That prayer took place at the national office of the said party.

Referring to the scriptures found in Numbers 32:1-5, Bishop Seth Nkeshimana indicated that there are many things that distract people and especially when they get rich. He added that as soon as one becomes rich and does not behave like a good manager, there are a thousand ways to lose his personality and fail in his objectives.

Bishop Nkeshimana asked those activists not to be distracted by their wealth which only makes them forget their promise to God, because, he hammered, the real wealth is the personality. To achieve that, he continued, one must respect God and the leaders of the country.

Speaking, Mr. Joseph Ntakarutimana, the deputy secretary of the said party, did not fail to underline that this month of November was an exceptional month for Burundians and Burundians. He reminded the activists of this party, the strong moments that push them to praise God in this month of November by highlighting the fall of the rain which was long awaited. Mr. Ntakarutimana also indicated that God protected the Burundian Head of State in his work missions carried out in various foreign countries. “All of this reassures us that this month is truly full of blessings,” he said. Mr. Ntakarutimana took the opportunity to ask the Bagumyabanga (CNDD-FDD party activists) to take as their motto the word “Ubuntu” (charity) which, according to him, means love and benevolence.