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Fair justice for all, source of sustainable development


Dec 3, 2022

KARUSI November 28th (ABP) – The Minister of Justice, Mrs. Domine Banyankimbona asks his staff to strictly respect the theme of the judicial year 2022-2023.

She reported it during her work trip on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, where she met with litigants, staff and administration.

Land disputes represent more than 90% in Karusi as elsewhere, said Mrs. Banyankimbona.

The population suffers as a result of bad justice, she regretted. Why bad justice, she asked?

That bad justice is due to the influence of bad corrupt judges, corrupt litigants, interference from the administration and corrupt OPJs, she announced.

A change in everyone’s behavior is an obligation to achieve sustainable development, according to the minister.

The slowness of the files, the delays in the execution of judgments and the reduction in the swelling of the prison people must stop there, recommended Mrs. Banyankimbona.

Note that the Minister of Justice took more than five hours to listen to the grievances of the people who accused without fear, in their presence, the personnel of the courts, the prosecution and the judicial police.