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Inauguration of BAOBAB microfinance for CNDD-FDD veterans


Nov 15, 2022

GITEGA November 15th (ABP) – The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi, Dr Sabine Ntakarutimana, inaugurated on Monday November 2022 in Gitega (center of the country) a microfinance called BAOBAB set up by veterans of the CNDD-FDD party. Those ceremonies saw the presence of the secretary general of the CNDD-FDD party Mr. Réverien Ndikuriyo, the members of the National Office of this party, the governor of Gitega Venant Manirambona as well as the provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD in Gitega, Georges Nshimirimana.

In her speech, the 1st Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly commended that initiative by veterans of the CNDD-FDD party and called on the employees of that microfinance to welcome customers and to follow the perspectives of the board of directors of that microfinance and the government of Burundi.

Mrs. Ntakarutimana called on the former combatants to provide the same efforts that they had demonstrated during the struggle for the restoration of democracy in the development works of the country. She also called on the other categories of the demobilized to follow in their footsteps to develop and develop the country together.

Based on this, the 1st deputy speaker of the National Assembly suggested to those responsible for microfinance BAOBAB establishing the agencies of that microfinance in other provinces of the country up to the level of the communes in order to decentralize its services and to reduce the journey to the customers. She indicated that she hopes that soon this microfinance will become a bank.

Taking the floor, the chairman of the board of directors of that microfinance, Major General Emmanuel Miburo, pointed out that soon this microfinance will open branches in the other provinces of the country, starting with the economic capital of the country; Bujumbura City Council. It will also build its headquarters in the political capital Gitega, he added.

According to Miburo, BAOBAB microfinance is the initiative of the CNDD-FDD party veterans’ association which opens its doors with a share capital of 400 million BIF to help people carry out their sustainable development projects by offering them low-interest loans, taking into account their slogan “Solidarity for inclusive development”.

Note that after having visited various offices of that microfinance, Mrs. Ntakarutimana, the various personalities present in those ceremonies as well as the people proceeded to the opening of their bank accounts in the said microfinance.