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The phenomenon of destruction of crop fields worries the administrative authorities of Gatara and Muruta communes


Nov 15, 2022

KAYANZA November 14th (ABP) – The administrative authorities of Gatara and Muruta communes in Kayanza province (north) indicated to ABP on Friday, November 11 that a new phenomenon has recently been observed which consists in maliciously destroying fields.

During the past two weeks, seven fields of different crops have been destroyed in the two communes. Six alleged perpetrators were arrested for questioning.

According to the communal administrator of Gatara, Mrs. Sylvane Gakuyano, four cases of malicious destruction during the last two weeks have been inventoried in her commune. She said two recently destroyed fields belonged to Munini village leader and a resident of Gisyo hill. She also indicated that another field belonged to the Kibaribari village leader and another to the Karambi village agricultural monitor.

In Muruta commune, two corn fields and another potato field were badly destroyed, according to the adviser to the administrator responsible for political affairs, Mr. Sylvestre Kibinakanwa. That administrative authority in Muruta as well as the communal administrator of Gatara, are worried that the disagreements between the neighbors which would be at the origin of intolerance and mob justice. Contacted by telephone to find out if the provincial authority is already aware of this, the chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza, Mr. Vianney Ndikumana, confirmed that among the reports of circumstances received recently are those of the destroyed fields.

He disagreed with that new phenomenon of wickedness while specifying that the governor’s cabinet intends to organize raids in the municipalities mentioned to inquire about the motives for this destruction of the fields. He took the opportunity to ask the population to banish intolerance and mob justice. He recommended that joint security committees be operational to block the way to this kind of crime. He warned that those who are apprehended committing this kind of crime will be exemplarily punished.