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Funeral directors are called upon to work in compliance with the forest code


Nov 6, 2022

BUBANZA November 6th (ABP) – The owners of the funeral directors, who operate the Buringa cemetery in Gihanga commune (North-West of Burundi), commonly called Mpanda cemetery, are called upon to work in accordance with the forest code, he said it, on Monday, October 31, 2022, in the meeting which was held by the administrator of the Gihanga commune, accompanied by the manager of the Rusizi Park, for the owners of the funeral directors.

According to Rusizi Park manager Mr. Pacifique Ininahazwe, it has been found that some funeral directors are destroying the Rukoko nature reserve in their land development activities.

He cited the illegal occupation of land, removal of different species on site and unauthorized clearing, at a time when there are trees known as IMIKO, which are only found in two countries in the world, including Burundi.

Others being the throwing of bottles and other plastic objects, by those who participate in burials, bush fires, undertakers who erect unsustainable graves and others, he said.

Mr. Ininahazwe therefore invited the administrators and the owners of the funeral directors, to associate, always, the persons in charge of the natural reserve of Rukoko, each time there are activities to be carried out. He warns those who assume the right to destroy this reserve, that the Forest Code is clear as to the sanctions, in its articles 208 to 212.

As for the owners of the undertakers, they ask for other spaces because, they say, those used are considered insufficient.

The administrator of the commune Gihanga, Léopold Ndayisaba, asks the Ministry having the environment in its attributions, to proceed to the delimitation of this natural reserve of Rukoko, in order to limit these abuses of the funeral directors. It should be noted that the participants in this meeting agreed to carry out synergistic work for the protection of the environment.