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Young people are called upon to exploit their talents and knowledge


Oct 19, 2022

BUBANZA October 19th (ABP) – The young people of Bubanza province are called on to exploit their talents and knowledge, so as not to always be job seekers, but to create them, this appeal is made by one of the young entrepreneurs from Bubanza commune (north-west of Burundi), by the name of Sylvestre Havyarimana, who is helping young unemployed people to exploit their talents.

According to Sylvestre Havyarimana, everyone has their own capital and the main thing is to know how to exploit it. Thus, he explained, everyone’s talents and knowledge, as well as security, are enough for the design and implementation of self-development projects. Met on Saturday October 15, 2022, at the workplace at the Youth Center of Bubanza commune, Mr. Havyarimana revealed to a check in Bubanza by ABP that he finished his studies in 2016, but that he could not be hired. From 2017 to 2019, he implemented two projects, namely the transformation of fruits into juice, security guard, but due to a lack of financial means, these projects were suspended, he regretted.

He said that currently, he prefers to share the knowledge acquired in the training he has benefited from, with other young people in associations, encouraging them to exploit, each their talents and knowledge which considered as their capital, according to him. So far, he is supervising an association of 14 young people with a flour processing unit for sweet potato porridge, 20 who have come together to manufacture animal feed, 8 who make washable towels for women and girls, and 29 Batwa households making several clay objects. Some of these young people contacted say they have already understood that everyone has their talents and strengths to exploit.

Mr. Havyarimana indicates that the various projects have enabled him to buy a plot and that he will build a house. He invites other young people to work for not remaining job seekers, but for becoming job creators.