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The Vice President of the Republic has brought together the heads of provincial services and administrators


Oct 17, 2022

MWARO October 17th (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic Prosper Bazombanza made a visit to Mwaro province on Friday, October 14, where he met the heads of provincial services and all communal administrators.

It emerged from that meeting that the security situation was good and that the people go about their daily activities without difficulty.

The Vice President seized that opportunity to evoke the current problem in that locality according to which certain people lament as what there would be a commission which would have passed in that province especially in the Rusaka and Ndava communes. Some of them would have their land properties that they have exploited for a few years, withdrawn from them. After hearing the opinions of each other and especially the opinion of the communal and provincial administration, it was recommended that State lands that have been allocated illegally should be returned to the State for its day-to-day needs, and that those lands should be used by cooperatives or associations to carry out development activities.

                                                                                                    View of the participants

The State wants everyone to be at work in order to increase production, and see the Burundian population respond massively to the appeal of the President of the Republic who advocates that every mouth should have what to eat everyday and no pocket should be empty.

The Vice President of the Republic Prosper Bazombanza pointed out that the responsible and hardworking State cannot rob Saint Peter to pay Saint Paul and that it is there for the interest of the population. After the meeting, he joined the people of Mwaro to proceed with the construction of a fence of a field which will be used for the new market for ruminants. He indicated that the people will benefit from it.

They would no longer have to go to Matana in Bururi province or to Rwibaga in Bujumbura province to buy or sell livestock. With the onset of lift fever, it was recommended that each province should have its own livestock market. On the same occasion, the Vice President of the Republic suggested to the governor of the province Mwaro Col. Gaspard Gasanzwe thinking of how to improve the slaughterhouse of the province so that there can be appropriate equipment for the cooling of the meat. Mwaro province could be the supply center of the economic capital Bujumbura and the political capital Gitega.