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Three bars were closed


Oct 9, 2022

MURAMVYA October 9th (ABP) – Three bistros in the headquarters of Rutegama commune were closed Tuesday, October 4 for a period not yet known by the governor of Muramvya province who was in the company of the communal administrator of Rutegama and law enforcement to fight against the rising prices of brewery and lemonade products in Burundi, BRARUDI.

The owners of those bars were caught selling a bottle of Primus at 2000 BIF instead of 1500 and the Amstel at 2500 instead of the legally recognized 1900 BIF. The BRARUDI drinks that were in the stocks of these bistros were officially bought by the sellers of BRARUDI drinks from the Gasange market, who in turn sold these drinks to the population on the spot, respecting the prices set by the government.

Note that the communal administrator of Rutegama, Stany Niyimbona, has indicated that the money from the sale of those drinks will be used in works of public interest in order to bring to order the retailers of industrial products such as BRARUDI drinks and others.