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The NGO DAPADU has officially launched the “Startup” project in Bugarama


Sep 8, 2022

MURAMVYA September 7th (ABP) – The “Startup” project of the NGO DAPADU working in Muramvya commune and province was officially launched on Friday, September 2, 2022 in Bugarama. The said project aims to build capacities in job-creating sectors, according to Mrs. Frédiane Nininahazwe, Legal Representative of the NGO DAPADU.

The activities were enhanced by the presence of the representative of the Ministry having youth in its attributions, the chief of staff of the governor and the communal administrator of Muramvya as well as the administrative staff at the base. The latter first visited the trades teaching center built by DAPADU in 2003-2004 before launching the first part of the Startup project which consists of training young people in modern carpentry using the equipment kit distributed on Saturday last in the same place.

In his speech, the Legal Representative of the NGO DAPADU, Frédiane Nininahazwe, pointed out that it has been present in Burundi since 1992 in Muramvya commune with many achievements. Those include the rehabilitation of bridges and roads, the construction of schools in Zinga, Gakenke, Nyakarago, Bugarama and classrooms at ECOFO Ryarusera, not to mention the distribution of desk benches in schools showing need. A health center has been built with a maternity ward and the Church in Ryarusera and drinking water supply in the areas of Bugarama and Ryarusera.

In the socio-economic and sports sector, the cheese and jam factory and a multipurpose room were built in Kiyenzi, noted the ABP on the spot. Speaking of ongoing projects apart from Start up, the Legal Representative of the NGO DAPADU pointed out the micro project for the manufacture and distribution of desk benches for schools in Muramvya commune and the support of the Kinyereza cooperative.

As for the representative of the Ministry of East African Community Affairs, Youth, Sports and Culture, Samuel Nshemezimana, who is the focal point of the ministry for the follow-up of the Startup project, he said that the day was special for the trades sector, for the ministry having youth in its attributions and for the country in general because it is not possible that the country can be developed without taking into account its youth.

It is with that in mind that the government of Burundi has already carried out a good number of activities so that young people in school or not in school can be trained in the preparation of self-development projects and so that they can create employment for other young people.

Samuel Nshemezimana recalled that to support young people, the responsible and hard-working government has set up the youth investment bank, BIJE in acronym to give credit to bankable projects with low interest, to make young people aware of access to credits to finance their projects, he said. He did not fail to speak about the economic empowerment and youth employment project, PAEEJ which supports, according to him, the BIJ for the financing of youth projects.

In his advice addressed to the young people chosen to be trained in modern carpentry, the representative of the Ministry having youth in his attributions asked them to follow the teachings carefully and to group together in cooperatives to work as one man in order to develop. quickly, he added.

Note that on behalf of the governor of Muramvya province, the chief of staff, Christophe Nemeyimana, warmly welcomed and congratulated the achievements of the NGO DAPADU during the 30 years of presence in Muramvya commune. He asked this NGO to consider extending its activities to other communes in MURAMVYA province.