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The promptness of teachers, a necessity for improving results in schools


Sep 25, 2022

RUTANA September 21st (ABP) – The supervision of teachers and the punctuality of teachers and school principals contribute to the improvement of the results of basic and post-basic education of the provincial education directorate of Rutana. That is the appeal of the governor of Rutana province (south-east), Mr. Olivier Nibitanga to school principals, in a meeting he held on Monday, September 19, 2022, in the premises of the Rutana high school, in the intention of the communal directors and those of the schools of the province.

View of the participants

During that meeting, we returned to the place occupied by the province of Rutana the past school year in the 9th year competition. The province’s top official said he was unhappy with it and called for hard work for improvement that school year.

After the exchanges of the participants in the meeting returned to certain cases of the weaknesses which were at the origin of this “failure”. On that, Governor Nibitanga called on school principals to be serious in the supervision of teaching staff in the establishments under their responsibility.

Thus, he pointed out, informed or surprise visits are necessary to realize the quality of teaching of their teachers.

The same appeal was made to the staff of the communal education inspection offices, as well as that of the provincial education inspection office, for a considerable improvement in the results this school year.

However, communal and provincial education inspectors have raised the issue of the lack of means of transport to be able to carry out their duties properly, in a large number of schools.

After highlighting the positive impact on the results of education that living in the work area has for teachers, the Governor of Rutana called on school officials to have a competitive spirit in their work, meaning that it contributes to success.

The rate of school dropouts in this province being still high, the participants who took the floor asked for awareness by the administrators on that subject in various meetings, so that these cases can be reduced in Rutana province.

It should be noted that the principals of the basic schools of Nyakiruri, Kivoma, Kanyeregete and Muyombwe, belonging to the communal education directorates of Gitanga and Musongati, were suspended from their duties, accusing them of having “demonstrated professional incompetence,” he concluded.