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Donation of 135 mattresses to Rutana High School by the ruling party


Sep 25, 2022

RUTANA September 20th (ABP) – The CNDD-FDD party granted, on Saturday September 17, 2022, to the Rutana high school, 135 mattresses for the pupils of that student school with a boarding system.

The national secretary in charge of communication of the said party, Mrs. Nancy Ninette Mutoni, who proceeded to the distribution of the latter, thanked the members of that party in Rutana province, who contributed to make this donation available.

                                                               View of the mattresses granted to Lycée Rutana

Mrs. Mutoni, in her speech for the occasion, returned to the importance of education in the country, indicating that it is the basis of the country’s development. For that fact, she pointed out, the eagle party has chosen to support in the education sector.

She appealed to educators exercising their function at that educational institution to properly supervise and teach the pupils of their establishment, by providing them with quality education, without forgetting the subjects relating to patriotism. As for the pupils, they have been called upon to make more effort to have good results, and so that their establishment can be among the first in the national rank.

The director of Rutana High School, Mr. Lewis Nijimbere welcomed the initiative of members of the ruling party in Rutana province, who were the first to act, given their observation of the lack of the school, during their previous visit. at this establishment. He expressed his thanks to the latter who kept their promise by granting this donation.

Mr. Nijimbere said that despite this supply of dormitory equipment made by members of the Eagle Party in Rutana province, the lack is still recorded. He called on everyone who can help, to take that good example of the CNDD-FDD party and contribute to filling that gap.

You would know that the representative of the party in power in these ceremonies and the director of Rutana high school, called on the students to make good use of this material granted, and to keep it jealously because it will be used not only by themselves, but also by upcoming promotions.

As a reminder, CNDD-FDD party members in Rutana province had also presented a donation of 130 mattresses to the Lycée Technique “hope” of Kayero in Mpinga-Kayove commune and to the Gakwende disabled center in Gitanga commune on September 16, 2022.