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More than 18,000 dropouts registered last school year


Sep 8, 2022

MUYINGA September 7th (ABP) – Public opinion is still wondering what kind of fly would have stung parents and children during the 2021-2022 school year in Muyinga province (northeast of Burundi). During that school year, more than 18,000 school children and students alike have dropped out of school, figures that give chills to the back.

The provincial director of education, Blaise Pascal Misago made this bad announcement, on Saturday September 3, 2022, in front of the provincial governor and the members of the provincial council of education.

Even if Muyinga province is among the provinces with high school enrolments, these dropout figures are frightening. At the fundamental level, the cumulative number of dropouts amounts to more than 17,780 including 7,976 girls and 9,812 boys. In these numbers of girls who left school, there are 33 cases of pregnancy. At post fundamental, 940 students were unable to complete the school year. Those are 498 boys and 442 girls with 63 cases of pregnancy and cases of early marriage.

According to the provincial director of education, the causes of these abandonments are diverse. Those include household poverty, parental ignorance of the benefits of school, and unwanted school pregnancies. It calls on parents, the administration and the provincial council of education to become strongly involved in the fight against school dropouts in order to promote education in that province plagued by multiple school dropouts.