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Young Burundians are called on to develop their computer knowledge


Aug 23, 2022

GITEGA August 22nd (ABP) – On Thursday, August 18, 2022, Vice-President of the Republic Mr. Prosper Bazombanza officially launched the work of the Job Fair, 3rd edition 2022. That Fair is organized by the Ministry of the Public Service, Labor and Employment at the Ingoma stadium in Gitega (central Burundi) for public and private entrepreneurs.

In his speech for the occasion, the Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza welcomed the initiative of some young Burundians who continue to innovate new products and promote the employment sector in Burundi. The vice-president challenged them to continue the good path they have followed by creating their own jobs. He also asked them to undertake micro projects. According to him, the Burundian government will spare no effort to support them. He pointed out that the State is still concerned about the multiplication of jobs in several sectors of national life to reduce the unemployment rate which is observed throughout the country. It is for this reason that the State has taken the initiative to support young people and women in action by setting up the Investment Bank for Young People (BIJE), the Investment Bank for the Development of Women (BIDF) as well as the Guarantee and Support Impulse Fund (FIGA).

The Vice-President also called on young people to focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to seek jobs in other countries via Internet networks.

The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Dr. Thaddée Ndikumana said that employment is the engine of development in the country. According to him, young people must double their efforts to self-develop based on their projects. Minister Ndikumana called on public and private entrepreneurs to take youth into account in their projects in order to help reduce the unemployment rate and restore the country’s image.

Note that on the sidelines of that activity, the Vice-President of the Republic awarded prizes to the best entrepreneurs who have worked better than the others. It was also an opportunity to grant chicks to young people who had benefited from training in the field of breeding.

The Vice-President of the Republic, accompanied by the Minister in charge of Labor and other executives of the various ministries, visited the exhibition stands and the sale of products manufactured or produced by Burundian investors.